Malcolm is a powerful voice in the fight to end deep poverty and mass incarceration, creating access to affordable healthcare, progressive environmental policies, and equitable schooling .


As a champion of equal-pay and the $15 Now movement, Malcolm believes that no matter what race or gender you are, everyone deserves the right to earn a fair family-sustaining wage. Poverty must be recognized for the public health crisis that it is. It truly is the moral issue of our time.

Mass incarceration is a systemic issue that can no longer go unaddressed. The recidivism rates in Pennsylvania can be reversed with help from bills such as β€œThe Fighting Chance Act,” that Representative Kenyatta and a colleague from across the aisle proposed.

Everyone has the right to love whomever they choose. We must always pushback against hate and bigotry in our fight for equal rights in the LGBTQ communities across our state.


Healthcare is not a privilege but a right. Every Pennsylvanian deserves the right to have a healthcare plan that meets their needs: whether it be the treatment of a preexisting condition or in the unfortunate event of a health emergency.

Pennsylvanians also should not be forced into deciding on having to spend their money on food or to buy their prescription medication, as so many folks are forced to do.


Malcolm believes that making the change to renewable energy is not only vital to keeping our air and water clean but a step forward for our economy that will produce good-paying jobs for Pennsylvanians.

Every community deserves access to clean air and water, and we must hold those to account who contribute to the pollution of our land, air, and waterways.


Our children deserve a school system that is equitable. Not only are a large number of our students in the Commonwealth attending schools without the necessary materials and resources to succeed, but many also are not safe from the violence and bullying that can have devastating consequences.